Three Angels Messages - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are angels anyway?
"Angels are messengers. In Revelation, these three angels symbolize the gospel in the latter days going to the whole world in three specific messages. Angels are also referred to elsewhere as ministering spirits. (Hebrews 1:13,14)

2. How do you know the three messages apply to today and not during another time period?
"The first angel message begins after the 2,300 day prophecy ends. From other studies we have ascertained that that this particular prophecy ended in 1844.

NOTE.-This all depends on correct Bible interpretation. It is called hermeneutics. We compare Scripture with Scripture in a systematic way. There are those who would want to go to Genesis 4:8 where Cain killed Abel and then go to the New Testament in Luke 10:37 where Jesus said "Go and do likewise". You can justify murder in the Bible if you have a shallow understanding of Bible interpretation. That is not correct Bible interpretation. There is still considerable controversy over the date 1844. Many references could be cited but is a sample of why the date 1844 is significant.

3. In short, what is the emphasis of the first angel?
The last conflict on this earth will be over the same issue as in the book of Genesis. The issue was/is worship. Whom do we worship and how do we do it? We worship the creator of all things by offering worship in the way he prescribes. Cain killed Abel because he was jealous. Cain offered the fruits of his own labor, which are never, never good enough. Abel simply did what he was told by offering an animal sacrifice.

4. Does the Bible talk about a judgment in other places besides Revelation?
There is a sanctuary in heaven, which is the true tabernacle. The sacrificial ceremonies in the Old Testament foreshadow Christ in the heavenly sanctuary, where a judgment is taking place. (Hebrews 8:1-5, Hebrews 4:14-16, Hebrews 10:19-22, Daniel 7:9-27, Daniel 8:13-14, Daniel 9:24-27, Numbers 14:34, Ezekiel 4:6, Revelation 14:6-7, Revelation 20:12)

5. What other instances of persecution mentioned in the Bible, prove that people can be persecuted simply because they are obeying God?
a. Esau, who sold his birthright, persecuted Jacob, who
vowed his loyalty to God. Gen. 25:29-34; 27:41; 32:6.
b. The wayward and envious sons of Jacob persecuted Joseph, who feared God. Genesis 37; Acts 7:9.
c. The idolatrous Egyptians persecuted the Hebrews, who worshiped the true God. Exodus 1 and 5.
d. The Hebrew who did his neighbor wrong thrust Moses, as mediator, aside. Ex. 2:13,14; Acts 7:26,27.
e. Saul, who disobeyed God, persecuted David, who feared God. 1 Samuel 15, 19, 24.
f. Israel, in their apostasy, persecuted Elijah and Jeremiah, who were prophets of God. 1 Kings 19:9,10; Jer. 36:20-23; 38:1-6.
g. Nebuchadnezzar, while an idolater, persecuted the three Hebrew captives for refusing to worship idols. Daniel 3.
h. The envious and idolatrous princes under Darius, persecuted Daniel for daring to pray to the God of heaven. Daniel 6.
i. The murderers of Christ persecuted the apostles for preaching Christ. Acts 4 and 5.
j. Paul, before his conversion, persecuted the church of God. Acts 8:1; 9:1,2; 22:4,5,20; 26:9-11; Gal. 1:13; 1 Tim. 1:12,13.

NOTE.-The history of all the religious persecutions since Bible times is but a repetition of this same story,- the wicked persecute the righteous. And thus It will continue to be until the conflict between good and evil is ended.

6. Who does Paul say shall suffer persecution?
"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." 2 Tim. 3:12.

7. What is essential to extensive religious persecution? Ecclesiastical control of the civil power, or a union of church and state.

Food for Thought

The true ground of divine worship, not of that on the seventh day merely, but of all worship, is found in the distinction between the Creator and his creatures. This great fact can never become obsolete, and must never be forgotten.Ē It was to keep this truth ever before the minds of men, that God instituted the Sabbath in Eden; and so long as the fact that he is our Creator continues to be a reason why we should worship him, so long the Sabbath will continue as its sign and memorial.
Great Controversy, Ellen White, P. 437.

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